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Why I'm in This Fight & Running for Congress

I grew up in Willard, Ohio raised by my grandparents since I was an infant. They taught me the importance of hard work, helping others, and public service. My grandfather was a welder at the GM plant in Mansfield and a member of the Auto Workers Union, as well as an Army veteran. Not only were they raising their grandchild off of pensions and Social Security, my grandfather was battling multiple cancers and my grandmother was starting to lose her vision. While having all of these struggles, they got me through high school and saw me off to college.

In 2014 my grandfather had passed away and I began to work two jobs while in college to help out my grandmother.

She told me to find a job that paid as much as the two jobs I had combined. So I moved to Columbus and found a great job with better benefits than I had previously experienced. I continued to help my grandmother by driving the two hours every other week to take her to the store. She was still pushing me to get more involved in activism or any other way to help others. I followed her advice and became involved with the Human Rights Campaign to stop discrimination in Ohio. Then in 2016 I began looking into politics and volunteered in a presidential campaign.

This was a turning point for me as I had always been interested in history and serving the community. As the election came closer, my grandmother encouraged me to press on policy issues and apply for a staff position; so I began openly discussing my ideas for several different policies.

Dan Kilgore at a speaking event

In the days after the 2016 presidential election, I wanted to be a force for change and stand up for the people. More and more it seemed my goal would come to fruition by running for public office. Which, to my surprise, my grandmother pushed me hard to run for The House of Representatives. In September of 2018 I had spoken to her about running for the House to which she responded, "You're going to win by being true." I made my promise to her that I would run, little did I know that on that night she would become ill and would pass away a week later.

I'm running for the people that feel forgotten. I'm running for teachers, the environment, the struggling student, and I'm running for Lorene and Walter; my grandparents who were my biggest supporters.

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