What I'm Fighting For


Our nation's infrastructure system was designed in the 1960's. Since then our nation's population has doubled and our roads and bridges are in a state of decay. We must invest in our infrastructure to power and sustain our future. It will cost $1.5 trillion by 2025 to repair or replace much of our failing aged out systems. We will pay for this by undoing the horrible corporate tax cuts that have added 2-4 trillion to our national debt. For each dollar we invest in our infrastructure not only is it a boost to our economy we can triple our return from this investment.


We are the wealthiest nation on earth and yet our education system ranks only 17th among other nations. Our children must be prepared for the future. We must teach our children; they must be given the options of being taught a trade or go to college. Not just pressuring our youth for college by forcing standardized tests which then punishes the schools if scores are low. We must provide more funding for schools to raise our teacher's wages.


The climate change crisis is real, and we must act fast to save our planet. We must transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric. We must pass the Green New Deal bill and train laid off coal workers for jobs in new energy fields. We must also reinforce our anti-pollution laws and clean our water ways and streams. This is the best way to truly hold companies and people responsible for pollution and keep them accountable as well as maintaining protection for our national parks. To protect our environment and to bring green energy to the fore front. I pledge not to take contributions from oil, gas, and coal industry executives, lobbyists, or PACs and instead prioritize the health of our families, climate, and democracy over fossil fuel industry profits.


So many Americans are struggling with healthcare costs. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was designed to help cover more Americans and to lower costs. This bill is not perfect, but it was a good start to help those who needed healthcare get it. However, we also must hold the drug companies accountable to lower drug costs in this country. As well, hospitals need to have a uniformed cost of care and cut through all the red tape of medical billing bureaucracy. The best way to get this fixed is to begin the hard task of transforming our medical system to Medicare for All. We must join the rest of the modern world and provide care that's needed and the public is crying out for.

Criminal Justice

Our criminal justice system is fundamentally broken. For far too long, it has been used as a tool for systematic racism. We must end "for profit" prisons and rewrite our drug laws. It's time to legalize marijuana and help those that have been sentenced too long for nonviolent drug crimes. These changes will help ease the load of an overburdened system. As well, our nation's police departments need to be better trained. All officers should wear body cams to stop racial profiling and end the meaningless killings and imprisonment of minorities.


Our veterans have signed up to fight for our country and deserve the best care we can provide. No veteran of this great country should die while waiting on treatment or end up being homeless. We must provide our veterans more choices for medical treatment and hold any bank or business accountable for taking advantage of service members. The VA desperately needs more funding for new medical facilities and more well-trained staff.


Our current immigration system is deeply flawed. Since the 1890's the United States has been a beacon of hope for the world, and Lady Liberty has been that symbol. We are a nation built by immigrants and we need them to make this a better nation and they need us. We must open a path to citizenship, make asylum easier and demilitarize ICE. We must offer protection for DREAMERs and hire more immigration judges and tear down these for-profit detention centers.

Gun Reform

It's past time for common sense gun laws in our country. Universal background checks, mental health screenings and better communication across state lines. Closing of the gun show loopholes and banning military style weapons and magazines. We must kick the gun lobby out of Washington and have the CDC investigate gun related death to help find a true solution to this epidemic of gun violence in this country.

End Citizens United

We must overturn the disastrous "Citizens United" and get dark money out of politics. This decision allowed corporations to be counted as people to influence our government. This has created corruption and bills that harm the average citizen but benefit corporations. I will work hard to see this overturned and placed on the ash heap of history. My solution to fix this is to introduce legislation that would make lobbying illegal and fine both the lobbyist group and the member of government that takes their funds. This bill I am proposing will treat this a bribe to influence votes. The nation trusts us to make decisions that are best for the community and not Wall Street or the top 1%.

Tax Reform

It is high time for the wealthiest American's pay their fair share in taxes along with corporations. The GOP tax law that passed in 2017 gave 1.2 trillion dollars to the wealthy and corporations. Amazon has paid zero dollars in federal taxes when the average American has seen their tax bill go up. This is wrong. We must level the playing field; all citizens and corporations must pay their fair share. By doing this we may finally be able to pay down our national debt and balance our budget, because we'd have more funds coming in to pay our bills.

A Second Bill of Rights

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